Trip Comments

From Mum and Dad

Auckland March 2009

We would like to extend our thanks to all at Koru Care for organising and taking our son Tyler on this years trip to Auckland. We would especially like to pass our thanks to Sharyl, his carer, for her time and effort with Tyler. <br> Tyler had a fantastic time on his trip, his motto for the trip was 'face his fears', by this he meant roller coasters and the like. He particularly liked the pirate ship at Rainbow's End. So again thanks for including Tyler on this trip. It has done him a world of good and increased his independence. He will not forget his adventure.

Letter from a Child Participant October 2010

Gold Coast Trip

Dear the koru care team thank you so very much for taking me to surfer paradise gold cost Australia. And to the theme parks like move world I loved it, The loony toons ride was so fun when the raft went down the shoot in to the water. And sea world was so fun I liked watching the dolphins jump out of the water and making a big splash in to the water and touching the sting rays, they felt so ruff. And white water world apart from getting sun burnt. I liked the wave pool but it was too deep too get to the end and going down the waterslide with rod and I and on Thursday I was too sore to even move. But the BBQ was really yum. And the rest of the trip was really really fun. So again thank you so very much koru care team.
Thanks again


October 2010 Letter from Mum and Dad

Gold Coast Trip

Dear all,
How can we as a family thank you guys for taking our son Alex away to the Gold Coast. This was something that we could never do. It has now been two weeks since Alex came home and we are gradually getting more info regarding the trip. Even friends and family in Australia have not done what you guys managed in 7 days. Alex hopefully tried lots of new things. Just staying over somewhere without a family member is a big deal. I must admit the 7 days took forever for those so it was just mum, dad and the dog home alone.

If we can ever help to fundraise for others to go in future years please just ask. Alex has typed out a thankyou letter which I have attached. (this is the most he has typed all year, as you know he does not write very well and his reading is very limited). I have not edited this note, just Alex trying to say a BIG THANK YOU.
Once again Thanks to all you guys (and gals) for taking the time off to treat these great special kids who sometimes get missed out from normal everyday things..

What Our Child Participants Thought

"What did you like best about the Koru Care Trip?"

"I liked touching the koala best. The fur was like Mum's pillow"
"I had 5 bits of pizza for tea"
"The best thing was watching 'Cars' on the plane"
"I went to the Gold Coast with Koru Care and I got new friends."
"The pool has sand like the beach - it's funny."
"Australia money is cool - can I go on another Australia trip?"

A Letter from Mum & Dad

Gold Coast Trip, November 2007

With all Damien's health worries this year - he had forgotten to be a kid. On his own he is finally starting to get back into sports - something he had lost this year. He is back playing basketball (something he hasn't played in 8 months) and loving it - trying to lose the weight he has gained so he can play sports again. Koru Care Otago gave him back his belief in himself which he had lost. For that along then trip has been worth it for us. He is no longer glued to the internet - which is a good thing.
The trip itself was lovely for Damien. The photo CD is awesome for us - we got to see exactly what he had done each day. Great!!! Keep up the GOOD WORK. You guys are doing a fantastic job for these kids - you have no idea - unless you are on this side of the counter.